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Basically, XPLUS is a SocialFi project, which aims to guide web2 users to the web3 world seamlessly.

The XPLUS BETA Phase one had more than 10k active user registrations within one month of its launch.
Recently we focused on developing more B2B models like X-Drop, a campaign incentive platform, X-Plannet, marketing business solutions. They're like traffic aggregators.

X-Drop is in the testing stage, and X-Wallet has also been launched in the Apple Store, which supports users to transfer and swap assets safely on the XPLUS chain and BSC etc.
We also plan to develop X-Convert, with the purpose of enabling users to conduct an on-ramp deal with easy access.
XPLUS not only wants to attract web2 users to web3 but also hopes to provide marketing help for other projects.

What are your strategies for attracting users & partners to your platform and keeping them long-term?

Of course marketing is a vital element of every project, at the moment we’re mostly focusing on announcing new partnership deals and building the X-Drop platform. It’ll be available soon for projects to use and bring new users to their platform.

To give you a bit insight about the X-Drop, it's a campaign incentive platform similar to gleam and quest3, but the most different features of X-Drop is the Jackpot.
The Jackpot is pooled from the rewards of each Drop, users can catch rewards from any Drop, and get more "tickets" to draw the Jackpot by Sharing to more people. And there’ll be more than 10 new ways to earn in the future.

Our current partners will be privileged to use the platform first. Besides that X-Planet feature is being built. It’s a platform where Influencers, KOLs can create their own planet and then monetize their activities by creating digital products.
So we have platforms for everyday users, Influencers and projects too.

Could you tell us more about the XPLUS token?

XPT is a community token used in the XPLUS ecosystem. XPT holders can purchase premium content, buy Xer avatars and create Planet (Business). XPT is listed on PancakeSwap on Oct 26 2022, soon we’re also planning to get listed on centralised exchanges.

It’s total token supply is 1,000,000,000,000,000 XPT and here our BSC contract address:

Could you tell us more about NFT Buidler Card?

Sure, you could take the NFT Buidler Card as a benefit tool to get premium features and privileges, and we have 4 different kinds of cards which means you can enjoy 4 levels of privilege.

You can register to Get FREE Buidler NFT and exclusive access to reward hubs, and earn up to $4500 XPT, Mint Event Whitelist, Xer NFTs and so on.
Also more benefits will be added to the cards, and new features coming soon in the meantime.

What plans do you have for a partnership to promote your project in the near future?

Everyone knows that marketing is a vital element of every project.

Our main concept of marketing aims to make every user Drop-to-Earn.

X-Drop will be the gate acquiring users and traffic to the XPLUS ecosystem, projects & Influencers can create campaigns with various playstyles to attract users by lots of incentives.
One of the most different features of X-Drop is the Jackpot. And X-Drop will update more than 10 playstyles.

In this way, X-Drop will bring viral traffic to grow communities for projects like 0xGen and so on, that's how we make projects attract users.

But that's not all, the X-Planet, which is our planned product line, is like an exclusive community that keeps your users.

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