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Kenka Metavers is a blockchain game inspired by the underground world The game ecosystem is designed to have an immersive "Play to Earn" experience, where players can train their characters and win “KENKA” meaning fighting in Japanese to gain fame and fortune.

Questions From Host!

  • Q1) Could you please tell us a bit about yourself and what you do at Kenka Metavers?

Hi everyone, this is Aik from KENKA METAVERSE

I’m basically in charge of marketing and promotion for KENKA METAVERSE. What I mainly am doing is looking for partners and negotiating with professional fighters & teams who can be a part of our project.

  • Q2) What is Kenka Metavers Can you Explain in More Details..?

Yea sure! KENKA METAVERSE is a blockchain game inspired by the underground world or the streets.

The game ecosystem is designed to have an immersive "Play to Earn" experience, where players can train their characters and by having or starting a “KENKA”, meaning fighting in Japanese, to gain fame and fortune.

Land, squads or your allies, and other items in the game are in NFT and are tradable. By bringing these items together and forming guilds with other players, you can participate in a stronger community than in traditional games.

  • Q3) Can You Please Tell Us A Bit About $Kenka Token...?

KENKA Coin is the core or the key currency in the game and here are the basic things you can do:

1. Buy/Sell the NFT in the market, obtain items and KENKA-COIN, and train in the gym

2. Battle against another player and earn the prize with KENKA-COIN

3. Obtain the new NFT with KENKA-COIN to make your character even stronger

4. Able to earn KENKA Coin in the fighting tournament or by betting

and there's one more thing that I want to add about the KENKA Coin

We’ve been asked so many times that why more than 99.99% of KENKA-COIN is owned by the team. If you think about this carefully, I guess you'll come up with one conclusion. Team owning this would be the safest thing. What this really means is that there aren’t investors who panic sell or intend to do so.

99.99% of the tokens are locked up and all of you will be notified in advance when releasing the token (e.g., if needed in-game).

  • Q4) What Are The Distinguished Advantages of Kenka Metavers Compared To other Similar Projects?

We do have a lot, but first of all, it’s really important to know who is developing the game.

Our dev team called WEARE, really has a great track record by being a part of the team developing the massive hit anime game app, Attack of the Titan. For those of you who are the big fan in Japanese Anime, I'm pretty sure you'll get excited with this title!

Secondly, the economy that’s designed for this game is the biggest difference.

KENKA METAVERSE economy is designed by categorizing the stages and users: 2 stages and 4 layers of users

I’m assuming everyone is wondering what this Stage is all about!

Our definition of stage is a bit different and we refer to “1st Stage” as the part of the game that can be played without any NFTs like the other social games. The part of the game where players play using NFTs as a Play to Earn service is what we call the "2nd stage”.

Think of the "1st stage" as street fights and underground fights, and the "2nd stage" as official arena fighting tournaments. It’s more easier to think in a way that if you hold NFTs, you’ll able to fight in the official tournaments, but without any NFTs, only in the free street fights in the world of KENKA METAVERSE.

So here are the 4 layers of players that will play in these 1st stage and 2nd stage

Guild Master: Group of players focusing on earnings
The land in KENKA METAVERSE is called “Shima”.
Able to earn by creating guilds, cooperating with other users, and holding “Shima”.
Expecting some players to start a real business such as head hunting and promotion in space. For example, player can be the owner of the gym or even a head coach of the esports team

Player: Group of players acquiring both fame and wealth
Earn from the fighting tournament and may earn from ads revenue.
Most of the players will be aiming for this group and will be the symbolic players of this game.

Follower: Group of players enjoying the game by betting or fighting other players
Players who aim to get stronger and become Players level. Mainly earn through PVP and by betting at their own pace.

Gamer: Group of players mainly play for free
Users who do not own NFT and play mainly at the 1st Stage.
Aiming to become the Follower by earning KENKA tokens and NFTs

  • Q5) What Are your plans For 2022?

For 2022, the biggest plan that we are having is to have the land sale.

We’re preparing for this and please stay tuned for the details!

The other thing that we are preparing is to show you guys the land section, probably by the end of the year. Our devs are working really hard every single day for this.

Questions From Twitter

  • Q1) "Kenka Metavers is looking strong but as u know when Metaverse is trending in the world everyone is trying his luck. My question is how Kenka will make difference in market and its prominent place..?' @Loki_the_king

Like I’ve mentioned before, the economy for the game is the biggest difference.

I wrote a lot about the economy on the top, so I recommend you guys to read about it!

We believe that noo other projects have the economy like our game, so please look forward to it.

  • Q2) "I could see two different types of coins on your website: KENKA-COIN and X-META. Could you please describe the scenarios for both coins uses..?" @sharkcage117

KENKA is really the core token that’ll used in the game

Like I mentioned, these are the things that you can do with KENKA

XMETA, basically, we’re not thinking of using it in the game, but will and are actually able to use it in the NFT sale that we’re having right now!

  • Q3) "KENKA 1st NFT sale is live. When was the sale started & when it is going to be ended? also What crypto will I use to participate in the sale? If I buy a NFT in the sale, When it will be distributed in my wallet? lastly, Can you tell the benefits of buying the NFT on early access..?" @fathimaiii

The sale was actually planned to end today, but we decided to extend it! Please follow our official KENKA METAVERSE Twitter so you can find out the details and the tweet was just posted about the extension.

and please participate in this exclusive sale!

You can participate in this sale using your XMETA or KENKA

Upon successful purchase, unique BEP20 tokens will be sent to the sender by 11:00 PM UTC the following day.

These BEP20 tokens will be used to redeem your KENKA #NFTs

We don’t have any plans to resell the same character NFTs

  • Q4) Your game has three different sorts of terrain. Lair, Sponsored Land, and Private Land. Can you please tell us more about these lands and their intended use? @nihaljk1

All the specific details are being worked regarding terrain, so please wait for additional information!

We call the land, Shima, in this game. Different types of Shima exist such as Shima rewarded just by owning, Shima where you can go have a fight, and so on

Here are 3 typical types of Shimas with special facilities

1. Fighting Tournament
2. Gym

3. Bettings

  • Q5) What things have been implemented during the last months of Kenka Metavers development? @Jaison_Bi

We are still at the very very early stage of development.

As for the implementation, we are working on user management, logins, and the basic mechanism.

Devs are really working on it!

Questions From Community!

  • Q1) Do you have a AUDIT certificates?
    are you working to AUDIT your project, so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable ?.

Let’s go with this one first. I know security is one of the things that lots of people care. We are currently working with the audit team and will be announced about this, so please be reassured.

  • Q2) What is the Best way to follow All your Upcoming news and updates? What are your plans in coming Future?

I think this one is crucial as well! All the official announcements will be posted on Twitter.

and we also have a telegram group as well.

Since KENKA METAVERSE is one of the project developed by TTX GAMES, all about KENKA METAVERSE will be discussed in this group.

  • Q3) Does your project support staking program? if yes. how is your stake system work, what is the requirement for user if they want to stake in your platform? Do you have a Token Burning plan to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?

There's a platform called TTX FINANCE and we sometimes start a staking program. If we're going to start the KENKA staking, we'll definitely announce about it through our Twitter and Telegram.

Regarding the burn system, we are thinking about the mechanism and will announce about the details.

  • Q4) Where can I play the #KENKADO App, PC or Mobile? and How to get NFT KENKA, Can I choose or Random?

You'll be able to play the KENKADO app and KENKA METAVERSE game with mobile.

We are running the NFT sale right now and as I mentioned earlier, the sale is extended. You need KENKA or XMETA to participate in the raffle and it's totally random!

Please take a look at the website for more details!

  • Q5) For buying your sale there will be a raffle and we can participate with KENKA-COIN and X-META. So, What are the rates per drawing raffle in KENKA & X-META? How many NFTs can be obtained per drawing? Can you also share the Emission rate list?

Here are the rate

900,000 KENKA(BEP20) per drawing
700,000 KENKA(ERC20) per drawing

20,000,000 XMETA(BEP20) per drawing
20,000,000 XMETA(ERC20) per drawing

One NFT per drawing.

The emission rate is shown in the website!

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