CAPITALB AMA Recapitulation- Black Phoenix

Guest : Michael Sanders From Black Phoenix

AMA Host : Dileep From CapitalB


Hello Im Michael Sanders, Social Management of Black Phoenix $BPX Crypto

Questions From Host

Q1) What is the main idea behind Black phoenix and why you felt defi needed it ?
Also list out the usecases.

  • Answer : The main idea behind the Black Phoenix Project is by the time of we seeing the new projects have come to crypto for Being profitable and having their own Payment systems reasons for crypto Community and apparently they don’t face this requirements, that’s why
    we bring the activity to our project, also we seeing a lot of Scam projects that causes more and more financial problems, so we came to this results to gather an advanced team of Cryptocurrencies activists for Making a unique crypto with anti-scam Blockchain future plan to prevent any Tokens projects with The purpose of the scam, that will be based on Black Phoenix Blockchain "BPB".

This currency have been made Exclusively for people and anti-fraud

I should mention that we have being active for less than 8 months and We have kept our promises, even more.

Q2) Why you decided to build your product on tron blockchain as nowadays many projects overlook trc?

  • Answer : In terms of security and efficiency TRC-20 is an ecosystem with ease of Building a pool and Capable of listing in Exchanges, also having a Fast Transactions.

TRC-20 Tokens due to the high cost of transaction fees is trusted, nowadays cause of the low fees of Trc-10 and BNB Blockchains the Tokens that based on this two turning out to be scam , from our point of view, TRC-20 Blockchain Due to having more Transaction fee and Strong smart contract has high efficiency, that's why actually TRC-20 Tokens can't be scam.

According to our opinion TRC Blockchain have potential to progress and by this happening we can progress with it too, until we have bridges to other Blockchains like "BSC", but remaining in TRC20 Blockchain is not our long-term Goal cause we have plans to Bring our Exclusive Blockchain "BPB" and be separated of TRC-20 Blockchain like when TRX was separated from ERC Blockchain and Launched its own advanced Ecosystem even more advanced than ERC

Q3) You have some amazing long term development program can you share more about the same and have you started working on any of those plans ?

  • Answer : Yes , we have an amazing long-term development plans , its might be like a dream to other projects but the way we have started our activity and make happening everything what we have said before at the beginning!
    there was a lot of projects with only words not an action , we are here just with bringing the facts ,building the Infrastructure , increasing the community of $BPX to be like #army , and we are having a belief to increase this community by our holders cause If one user attracts another that’s how builds trust .

About the start working on this plans i should say yes we do some acts about building an exchange office and wallet , payment system, Entering the Metaverse ,and most of all is Building a Blockchain , if we do not take some acts in this field we fall behind in our planning .

In some cases, we even went further than Black Paper and our roadmap !

4) Can you tell a bit about your nfts and gamefi as of now and also the passive earning opportunities your token gonna offer?

  • Answer : In the Crypto there is no copyright rules, so i cant share the specific information about what are we going to do in the field of , NFT, GameFi, DeFi and Metaverse, and other reason is might cause the unwanted pumps!

But generally speaking we want to have a great combination of Gemfi, NFT, DeFi, Metaverse, with real world and online payment system to make life easier.

And BPX will be the new generation of the Global payment system

In the new BLACK PHOENIX payment system :
You have information on the amount of heating produced from the material purchased or being purchased
You can see the profit of food, the percentage of purchase, and even the price in other stores.
You can see the place of production or the milk produced from each cow!
just imagine buying a new car with its own specific details or daily goods.

The attractiveness of shopping in the BLACK PHOENIX payment system is the beginning of a new generation of money and an attractive future payment system

And all of its just the payment system section that's why we have a long way ahead.

our project can shows a new surprise in each day, by increasing the Trading volume and its Community members.

Q5) What all cex and Dex is your product listed on and also share the contract address?

  • Answer : Bitrue, XT, VinDAX, Azbit, Whitex, are all CEX except Sunswap that is DEX

I should mention that we have listed this Exchanges less than 8 months of starting our Project

Black Phoenix Smart Contract :


Questions From Community!

Q1) What is your prediction for the future of Black Phoenix?
And what are your goals?

The Prediction for the Future of Black Phoenix, is first to reach the high number of Holders like 50k Active users, so we can close the Live Distribution Airdrop,
and the description of Our Future Plans is available in Black Phoenix Black paper but all sending one meant that we want to be a coin in future and have our unique ecosystem!

Black Phoenix Team tries to Make the each promises one by one!

But the main available goal is to be #profitable for people for now and also the Future.

I should say at the end that our Our vision is very long and fascinating!

Q2) Audit is important for both trust and security? Have you done any audit of your project?

Yes i should say that we have completed our Full Smart Contract Audit with advanced team named Techrate, so we can show how much our project is Trusted and verified, so no one can have anay doubts!

At the begging we was just a robot and a website, we have faced many haters and those who told we are Scam project! but just take a look at where The Black Phoenix $BPX was and where it's now!!

"we have Come a long way to reach this spot"

Q3) As we know Many new projects make a good impression at first but are suddenly abandoned. How will you manage projects and tokens to gain a place in the market and become the best token in the cryptocurrency world?

I have mentioned before, that each failed projects have start their way by only telling lies about!

Im speaking here with simple words, Black Phoenix have goals to achieve, we are not here to make a little profits for users and than run away we are here to stay we are here for you, cause our goals are long-term and by the variant of Crypto world our goals will be added more and more...

Simple Example is that we have listed $BPX in 6 Exchanges less than 8 months of starting our Project, and we are available on Trust wallet 💠.

Q4) The SUCCESS of a project also depends on how big the COMMUNITY is. Do you have any plans to spread awareness to crypto users and non crypto users in the world? Especially non-English speaking countries that may be barred from accessing BLACK PHOENIX Project?

we are publishing our late news on the biggest news resources of the Crypto world like U.Today and there is no awareness for any users, everyone can be one of the holders of Black Phoenix $BPX

Q5) Is your platform suitable for crypto beginners?Or does it only limited for professional users ?

The Black Phoenix brief Description is This Currency made to be profitable for people unfamiliar with crypto and bring benefits to its users, so it's not just for the advanced users of this world!

and we have picked the Black Phoenix name cause we want to make this currency to be unique as its name and color!!

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