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  • Guest -Hello! My name is Awemeong, and I am the Strategic Partnership of Meong Token. Nice to meet you guys
  • Answer -Meong is a meme token under BET 20, we focus on NFC and gaming
  • Answer -The front of the Meong Token coin features meme, but it is not just a meme coin. The team of industry professionals at Meong is committed to creating a dual Asset/Utility token with long-term tangible value and real use cases.
    As for our NFT Ecosystem, it is front and center in our minds when it comes to Meong’s competitive advantage and their major use case. We aim to be in the forefront when it comes to bringing the benefits of the Blockchain to Artists, Social, and Green Movement, while making things simple to use.
    A substantial market is developing here, and we plan to allocate significant resources to the emerging NFT marketplace as well as to all of the ways it benefits creators and investors alike.
    Meong is excited for the weeks, months, and years ahead ahead of them. When it comes to meme, we’re quite distant from a meme token.
  • Answer -you guys can check it to our website and our white paper
  • Answer -Our communities have always been vital to our growth, and they should be for the future of their investment as well.
    Our goal for community is to boost the number of members in the community to at least 50,000 people in the next few months. I have no idea when the coming years will be. However, the community will define the overall trajectory as it should be.
    In the context of our project plan, Meong has three pillars:
    Art : NFT Marketplace and Merchandise.
    Social: Donation and Games.
    Wealth : Wallet, Swap, Staking, Farming and Earning.
    For the short term goal ahead, the next two months will be dedicated to developing our NFT Marketplace and Version 2 Website and making the community a strong base while sharing the word as widely as possible in order to ensure our launch is an incredible success to our community, users, and investors.
    Next, we’ll focus on making meaningful partnerships and expansions. Additionally, we already collaborated with Mountrash (Recycle Foundation) and Hari (Forest Rescue Foundation) to preserve nature and protect the environment.
    In the following part, we will focus on a pet rescue charity and we will also collaborate with veterinarians. Frankly speaking, we are really touched and upset when we see cats, dogs, or other animals being harmed. We aim to help not only in Indonesia, but also in other countries. Therefore, if you see an injured animal, please get in touch with us and we will work together to help them.
    Below are our publications regarding our partnership and expansion:
  • Meong derived from The Lucky Cat (Maneki Neko in Japanese), the most popular cat figurine in Japan, is commonly attributed with the power to bring good luck and fortune to its owner. The figurine depicts a sitting calico Japanese Bobtail cat, traditionally known as a beckoning cat with upright paw.
    One of the main background for the "Meong" was to come up with an approach that allowed Cryptocurrency to be interesting and entertaining for the average person but that also had much grander plans.
    We see our token as a bigger picture than what the surface appearance shows. On the face of it, everyone likes to see appealing imagery printed on the face of a coin, but the coin itself must have inherent value. If the imagery stops having impact, you have nothing to work with. This is something we’re starting to see more and more lately, with tokens that see an enormous rise in value and then start to plateau or decline due to the absence of real-world utility on offer below the surface.
    The impact of Meong token is truly profound; it’s more than just a "meme token." It is teeming with life.
    Real utility and real use-cases are what tokens need to survive. You must be larger than life in a highly competitive marketplace.



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