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Recap AMA with CapitalBlockchain
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1st part : AMA Host Q & A Laksmi Exchange

SABITH ( Will Never Pm You For Fund ):
>> Today Our AMA Guest From Laksmi Exchange 😉

Hello @guptarajan82

Welcome To Our Community, Thank You For Joining us! Would You Like To Say Hello and introduce yourself..?

Rajan Gupta:
Hello Capital Blockchain Community, hi @Sabith9895l

I am Rajan Gupta founder of Laksmi Exchange

SABITH ( Will Never Pm You For Fund ):
okay Fine Thank you for the brief intro :)

Rajan Gupta:
I am a serial entrepreneur and have built and sold startups. I was part of founding team of PayTM that is India's digital payment decacorn now going for IPO soon.

I sold my last staup which was in mobile app discovery space to a singapore based telecom company in 2016. The product I built is now being used by 15 appstores of telecom players and mobile OEM.

Now I am building Laksmi that will make crypto more accessible and acceptable around the world. I have worked in companies like Yahoo, Paytm, Infosys, U2opia Mobile in my career.


Thanks @Sabith9895l

SABITH ( Will Never Pm You For Fund ):
you're welcome 🎉

Our first Question is 🌝

Q1) What is Laksmi Exchange..? Can you explain in more details..?

  • Rajan Gupta:
    Laksmi Exchange is the Next Generation P2P Crypto Exchange Powered by Human Crypto ATM Network. Empowering Billions of People Around the World To Buy and Sell Crypto Easily And Securely.

Allowing a user to simply visit a nearby partner crypto agent's store and buy - sell crypto over the counter.

Laksmi platform enables masses to earn interest by staking Laksmi Tokens and other crypto currencies, remit money and donate to partner causes and social organisations.

I want my mom and dad could just walk in a neighbourhood exchange powered by our human crypto atm and can buy sell crypto over the counter is a dream we are living

SABITH ( Will Never Pm You For Fund ):
Q2) Can You Please Tell Us A Bit About $LKSM Token...?

  • Rajan Gupta:
    Laksmi token is lifeblood of the platform

its core to whole solution we are building

Stake Laksmi Tokens and pay lower fees on exchange

Stake Laksmi Tokens & Earn Interest upto 30% APY

Stake Laksmi Tokens to become distributors on Laksmi agent network

Stake Laksmi Tokens if you are a crypto agent to get credit to trade crypto

Laksmi token gives life to the whole Human Crypto ATM thing

imaging if you want to buy or sell crypto but you dont have enough crypto you can stake laksmi tokens and get creditline

empowering retailers in our neighbourhood

to join the revolution


SABITH ( Will Never Pm You For Fund ):
Q3) What Are The Distinguished Advantages of Laksmi Exchange Compared To other P2P Platforms ?

  • Rajan Gupta:
    Look we are totally disrupting this space

we are buiding a neighbourhood exchange anyone can go and convert fiat to crypto and vice versa from human crypto ATM. He can pay in cash or in bank account and can buy crypto just like they buys grocery and other stuff. We are trying to make crypto more universal

we are very different from what exists

We want crypto exchange in every neighbourhood around the world. Exchange powered by human crypto atm network, exchange that can convert fiat to crypto that isthat can introduce people to defi, defi for the masses. So we are very different from existing Fiat on ramp exchnages and even Crypto P2P exchnages in that sense.

and we think physical footprint is the missing piece in the crypto puzzle

now countries are making bitcoin legal tendor but human crypto atms will make it a success

i feel very strongly about what we are building


SABITH ( Will Never Pm You For Fund ):
Q4) What is the working mechanism of the Laksmi ecosystem? & Can you talk to us about your roadmap?

  • Rajan Gupta:
    great question

we have an elaborate roadmap

We will start with human crypto atm network, where a user can check all nearest points from user app and simply go. Followed by allowing staking to earn interest and save transaction fee.

followed by stake multiple cryptos and earn interest and get credit line on staking cryptos for trading


SABITH ( Will Never Pm You For Fund ):
Q5) Do you plan to expand the listing of your token on different exchanges with less fees ?

  • Rajan Gupta:
    we will list Laksmi Token on multiple CEX and DEX

sorry i dint get the question

is tht what you are asking

being an exchange token will we list on other exchnages?

ok great

i am excited to interact with vibrant Capital Blockchain community

Part 2

6) I got scammed a lot of time :D , rugs, exit scams etc. - how can we investors be sure that this will not be similar, are your contracts public & somewhere to be seen?

  • Answer -Rajan Gupta:
    Very good question in current scenario

alot of rug pulls especially in Defi

We are not anonymous team, we are very much physically present and everyone know us. All my team is mentioned on the website with their linkedin profiles.

our team is dedicated and we here to solve a problem. Also we work with real people and real companies and not just a contract that gives you more coins when you stake coins.

our project is solid and will be in top 100 in next 1.5 - 2 yrs

7) One of the points that is crucial for the adoption and massification of your project is to be simple, therefore I would like to know how optimized the work processes are so that the Platform is truly simple to use for users?

  • Answer -Rajan Gupta:
    we totally believe that in crypto things are not easy for average joe who is challenged in multiple ways

we want to make fiat to crypto very simple so that our parents can also use it

we are building defi for the masses

experience we want to give is just walk in a nearby crypto atm store and come back with the candy...haha i mean crypto

Good Day Sir


8) Currently, Africa is becoming one of the potential markets for Cryptocurrencies, due to the instability of Fiat currencies. Then are you interested in the African market which has complete integration, are there any plans with the African market?

  • Answer -Rajan Gupta:
    important question especially in the backdrop of govt making bitcoin legal tendor

Our first focus market is SE Asia, Africa and latin America.

We infact want to focus on all frontier markets because we believe these markets are lagging in crypto because of access which we are trying to solve

we are in process of partnering with biggest telecom companies of Africa to help us in our expansion in Africa

9) Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain the project/company. What is your plan and way to generate profit/revenue from tokens? In this regard, please explain your income model?

  • Answer - Very good question. We are very much solving real problem and that is take crypto to the masses and make crypto transaction as easy and safe as going to a neighbourhood store . we make revenue everytime there is a transaction on the platform

10) How do you maintain the low-cost transaction fee while your platform still utilizing Ethereum Blockchain?

  • Answer -Rajan Gupta:
    there are low frequency usecases and high frequency usecases. We plan to use ethereum chain for low usage usecases and bsc chain for high frequency usecases

in total 50% of tokens will be on bsc and 50% on ethereum

also as new layer 2 scaling solutions are coming up the cost on eth will eventually go down only!

Website -

Twitter -

Telegram -

White paper -

You tube -

Thank you have a Good Day! ❤



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