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Recap AMA with CapitalBlockchain
we have this recap for you:

1st part : AMA Host Q & A session

AMA Host: Hello Baby|A BabySwap 'Welcome to our CapitalBlockchain Community .Thank You for joining Us , kindly give us Brief introduction About Yourself And The Team.?

Hello Capital Blockchain community! Baby A here, Global Business Director of BabySwap. Happy to answer your questions.

Thanks For Your Brief Introduction Let's Begin 🌝🔥

Q1) Kindly Give the community an overview about BabySwap..?

  • Answer -
    Baby A | BabySwap

BabySwap is devoted to building the best AMM+NFT BSC decentralized exchange for newborn projects, providing a more friendly trading experience and better project support.

So basically you can do swap, farm, and pool on BabySwap. We provide trade mining, growth funds to projects farming on BabySwap. And we will launch the NFT marketplace and our own NFT series.

Q2) Can You Please Tell Us A Bit About $Baby Token...?

  • Answer -
    Baby A | BabySwap:
    $BABY is the core token that powers the BabySwap ecosystem. Users will earn BABY from Trade Mining, Yield Farms, Snack Pools, or buy it through the exchange.

Then its use cases explore:
-Stake it in Snack Pools to earn free tokens
-Use it in Yield Farms to earn more BABY

And more features under construction:
-Purchase BabySwap NFTs and NFBs
-Vote in Bottles to help projects win growth fund
-Exchange to vBABY to get VIP privilege

Q3) What Are The Distinguished Advantages of BabySwap Compared To other Bsc Swaps ?

  • Answer -
    Baby A | BabySwap:
    Alright. The basic features are the same as PancakeSwap — swap, farms, and pools. Besides, BabySwap also has some innovative optimization and support services.

I. Trade mining
II. Tether (USDT) route
III. Bottle for growth funds
IV. NFT & NFT marketplace

Here I'll explain the first feature - Trade mining. Simply put, you will get BABY mining reward every time you trade on BabySwap. Normally there are 28 trading pairs available for trade mining, which is also the same as our farms. 40% of the $BABY block emission will become trade mining rewards. It's just profitable.

And we will dive deeper into these features in the following sessions.

Q4) What is the progress of business development and what are some of your commercial partnerships?

  • Answer -
    Baby A | BabySwap:
    We're gonna release our first NFT and NFB series very soon. We expect to open the Bottle segment in mid-July. One big part of our work is to build new farms and pools. We plan to rapidly expand our BabySwap Friends and Special Baby (Farm & Pool) list. Soon you'll see a big event.

We have launched two plans: Bubbly Baby and BabySwap Friends, both to build corporation with outstanding partners in the crypto world. We now have a close partnership with CoinMarketCap, BabyDige, SafeMars, ONTO Wallet, SafePal Wallet, TokenPocket, SeaScape, BSC news, CoinTiger, etc. We plan to have a rapid expansion our BabySwap Friends list. And there are plenty of new farms and pools up coming.

Q5) Can you talk to us about your roadmap?

  • Answer -
    Baby A | BabySwap:
    Here's some small milestones we had:

On June 8th, our 24h trading volume reached $22,075,245.
On June 11th, our total liquidity reached $18,283,065.
As of today, our transfer is over 320,000.

Along with the roadmap we have already launched:
-Snack Pools: Stake one coin to earn free tokens
-Yield Farms: Stake ALTCOIN-USDT to earn more BABY
-Our first NFB

Presently we are focusing on Baby NFB, new farm and pool, and bottle growth fund.

If you are interested in our roadmap and progress, save this for further reading:

More Information 👇BabySwap

Telegram Group:

👶🏻BabySwap Website:



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